Videopoem: Ice

This poem ‘Ice’ first existed as a poem. As poem, it was published in An Anthology on Kindness by Origami Press. Then it became a poem in a painting.


The painting was shown  at the Fairfax Art Gallery in the Art and Poetry show.

Now it is a poem in a video. How it grows! As a videopoem it is in my contributor’s page in Your Impossible Voice. Thank you so much to Steven Beachy and Keith Powell of Your Impossible Voice for making it happen.



My short fiction in Bindweed Magazine:

The frozen laundry had hung in the snow for three days. When Martha finally went to get Fidel’s shirts, his pants, his underwear, it was already late evening, on the fourth. They were so stiff, those clothes. 

       “I can’t take this no more,” Martha said to the large black cat that swirled to the garden door, with an anxious purr. The clothes on Martha’s arm crackled, her warmth renewed their emptiness. If the cat could talk, it would have agreed with Martha. It would have said, It’s not fair that Fidel leaves you out on this lonely lake front, that each time you rescue him, it’s worse than before.

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Mangrove Element

One afternoon, I was a woman on a boat,

Boating in the shadows of the mangroves,

Painting myself a mangrove forest,

In briny wetness, floating, flooding my boat with light,

My brain rooting in wind, in salt water, in turpentine.


It’s remarkably, the best place to learn, salt and tide

Can affect the blood, the heart, and worry the mind;

High tide or low tide, we must keep our roots;

Sea salt or rock salt, we must keep it from our blood –

Such lessons are sedimented elements in the swamp.


So I paddle through the brack, the chatty back waters,

Listening to the saline whispers of wind management,

And the banter of coastal survival, thinking I too have

A word to contribute, just one word to say,

I too have a mangrove element in my veins.

Thrilled to share that this poem received honorable mention in the 2016 Palm Beach Ekphrastic Poetry Festival Contest.