A Prayer Meeting

My short story A Prayer Meeting is online at Liquid Imagination. Enjoy.


Art Show

If you are in the area, please do come for our art show. We are three artists from the Fairfax Art League, Celebrating the Now.

As one of us, Kathleen Stark puts it:

The world is and has always been a confusing and many times a scary place to navigate. Many are finding it especially so right now. Atti, Padma and Kathleen decided to portray life as something to Celebrate and The Now as where we live our Celebration.  The past is gone, the future unknown but Now, Today is sweet if we choose.

Ah, fill the Cup – what boots it to repeat

How Time is slipping underneath our Feet

Unborn tomorrow and dead Yesterday

Why fret about them if Today be sweet!

Omar Khayyam


Videopoem: Ice

This poem ‘Ice’ first existed as a poem. As poem, it was published in An Anthology on Kindness by Origami Press. Then it became a poem in a painting.


The painting was shown  at the Fairfax Art Gallery in the Art and Poetry show.

Now it is a poem in a video. How it grows! As a videopoem it is in my contributor’s page in Your Impossible Voice. Thank you so much to Steven Beachy and Keith Powell of Your Impossible Voice for making it happen.